Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Enterprise Cheap Price

Microsoft sql server 2014 enterprise cheap price

Server Figure 8. Diagram after the creation of all the relations Tip: You can select a field in the table and drag it until the referenced table primary key, to visually set the relation. Creating views View has always been a very useful and very practical feature for the creation of reports integrating data from the various tables of the database.

With discount Microsoft sql server 2014 enterprise cheap price

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Server Figure 8. Diagram after the creation of all the relations Tip: You can select a field in the table and drag it until the referenced table primary key, to visually set the relation. Creating views View has always been a very useful and very practical feature for the creation of reports integrating data from the various tables of the database.

In our example, we will create a View for a report of book titles organized by author. Right-click over Views and choose the New View option. Automatically it will open a blank diagram and ask to which tables you wish to insert inside the new diagram. For our example, we will select Books and Authors tables; we click the Add button to add them and finally the Close button. You will have on your screen the Views setting and testing window, as Figure 9 shows.

Figure 9. Setting and Views test window The Views window is divided in four parts: Through these panels you can assemble its views through SQL language or through mouse selection. In our report, will be displayed the authors in alphabetical order , their respective e-mails and books. For this matter, in Diagram Panel, select the fields name and email in the Authors table; and the title field in the Books table.

It will already show, in the Results Panel, the data of both the tables. But we are not yet finished: In the Criteria Panel, go to the Sort Type field of the line of the name column and choose the Ascending option. When you execute the query, the result will be a listing by order of author, with their respective e-mails and books. For most purposes, though, you effectively can attach an unlimited number of drives to a Windows machine.

SANs make it easy to create huge volumes, after all. You can only attach 16 drives Amazon call them volumes to a server. You might be sharing that server with a lot of other servers. If there are 4 other SQL Servers sharing the same gigabit connection, you could end up with some very poor performance. Instance Sizes We just briefly touched on this in the last section — not every size of instance is available in every region.

Typically, the US-East region gets the newest fanciest servers, at least as far as I can tell. Other regions slowly get new hardware over time. The name of the instance type m1. Instances Just like any other computer, there are a finite number of resources available on any host.

Likewise, the VMs that you spin up have a finite amount of resources available to them. Unlike your local data center, you have no control over which VMs share the same host. Normally you could put different machines together and stagger their functionality around the clock so that guests that did bulk processing at night would be on the same host as machines that record orders during business hours.

The only way that you can guarantee performance is to allocate larger instances that take up all of the physical resources of the host but cost more. This is still applicable, even when you can configure a dedicated instance. Hiding beneath all of that fancy database software is something as simple as a pile of disks for storing data in rows and tables. Making sure the disks are working as fast as they can is critical to keeping a database running at peak performance.

The other option is to make the connection between your database server and the storage as fast as possible. Just How Fast is Gigabit Ethernet? Gigabit ethernet can really only transfer, at most, megabytes per second.

Why is your storage going to be slow? Other people could be reading from the same host as you or they could be streaming movies from the host to a customer in the suburbs. Nothing was changed with the operating system. This Windows was about as vanilla as it gets. I made two rounds of tests. In both cases, the drives were formatted with a 64k sector size. The first round of tests was done with drives that were quick formatted. The second round of tests were performed with drives that were not quick formatted.

The first set of tests I ran involved using CrystalDiskMark. I used the default configuration and ran it across the quick formatted drives. I conducted a second set of CrystalDiskMark tests using fully formatted drives with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10 EBS volumes in a single drive. First and foremost: The downside is that it takes time to format disks and time is money, especially in the cloud. There were a few anomalies — specifically the 4k write performance spike with 4 EBS volumes and the sequential read performance spike for 2 and 4 EBS volumes.

The only conclusion I can come to is that reads were cached and did not hit disk. Data warehousing Bulk data processing that requires sequential reads Anything else that requires a lot of sequential read and write On the flip side, what should you use SQL Server in EC2 for?

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