Greatly discounted price microsoft office 2004 student and teacher edition

Greatly discounted price microsoft office 2004 student and teacher edition

Search for: Microsoft Office Student Discounts — Office Microsoft offers office at discounted prices for students! If you are an eligible student in U. K or any other country in which the offer is currently available, it is time to buy Microsoft Office Professional Academic , which is almost the same as Microsoft Office Professional ! We earlier told you about the microsoft office free download or upgrade offer, for certain buyers of office The microsoft office student discount offer is similar to the windows 7 student discount program from Microsoft. K it is available at a price of GBP

Microsoft PowerPoint latest version: The best presentation software around. The new self-service model means that teachers and students can now sign up for an others are offered for purchase from the Office Store for a small price. .. of Microsoft Office including Office , Office XP, Office and Office for. Get the best Microsoft student discounts at the Education Store. Military · Gift cards · Gift Guide Get a Surface and Office for one low monthly price with no upfront cost^ Students and teachers are eligible for Office Education, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus. You may choose from MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook in the Office SP3, Office SP2, Office , Office and for Mac, Office for I bought an Alienware laptop that came with microsoft student pre- installed. Search our online store for the lowest prices on Windows, Microsoft Office.

Buy online Greatly discounted price microsoft office 2004 student and teacher edition

Delivering a powerful combination of robust features, suite-wide enhancements to compatibility, and new functionality to increase users' productivity, WordPerfect Office 12 answers the market's demand for a feature-rich, value-priced office suite that is highly compatible with Microsoft Office.

The suite also includes an address book for managing contacts, the WordPerfect Wireless Office Suite, and the new WordPerfect OfficeReady TM template browser, a powerful platform for managing WordPerfect Office templates, including the 40 new templates bundled with the suite. These elements, coupled with Corel's flexible licensing terms and expanded support options, provide users with a choice they can trust.

It's also widely available thanks to a distribution network that includes significant partnerships with leading PC manufacturers. Compatibility with Microsoft Office - Based on user feedback, many file compatibility enhancements with Microsoft Office have been added. Workspace Manager - The new Workspace Manager allows users to easily adjust the user interface to meet their needs. Users can customize WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentations to place WordPerfect Office 12 features, including toolbars and menu items, where they would normally be found in Microsoft Office Legal users of WordPerfect Office 12 will enjoy easy access to the legal tools and keyboard shortcuts they use most, all by activating the WordPerfect Legal Mode from within the Workspace Manager.

By allowing users to access tools and features from the locations that are familiar to them, WordPerfect Office 12 dramatically reduces training and ramp-up time - two critical barriers to adopting an alternative office suite. Compatibility Toolbars - WordPerfect Office 12 allows users to open, edit, print and save Microsoft Office files without searching through menus or making multiple selections.

Upgrade Installation - When installing WordPerfect Office 12, users can now choose to upgrade their existing installation without first uninstalling their previous version i. Customizations and preference settings are automatically forwarded to a new version of WordPerfect Office - saving time and making it easier than ever to upgrade.

WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser - The WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser supplies a fast and easy-to-use template browser that helps small businesses manage their templates and lets them focus on working, not searching.

The WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser enables users to organize, preview and access WordPerfect Office 12 templates in one easy-to-use browser, includes 40 new templates, and provides single-click access to many more via the Web.

Praise for WordPerfect Office 12! Corel offers two programs that help ease license administration, reduce software deployment time and lower total cost of ownership. Benefits include multi-platform licensing as well as home and laptop usage. Those who purchase WordPerfect Office 12 also benefit from Corel's responsive and efficient support options. Registered users enjoy unlimited, free web-based support, and have access to support packages and custom solutions designed to address the specific needs of consumers, small-to-medium sized businesses and commercial clients.

To learn more about Corel's licensing programs and support options, please visit www. Prices may vary by region. Under Corel's competitive upgrade policy, those seeking to migrate from another office suite can purchase WordPerfect Office 12 at the same upgrade price as existing WordPerfect Office users. Products whose users are eligible for upgrade pricing include: Customers may purchase WordPerfect Office 12 directly from Corel's online store at www.

WordPerfect Office 12 is available at leading U. For a complete list of resellers and Corel partners, please visit www. The suite also includes 40 new templates, the Pocket Oxford Dictionary, 9, clipart images, TrueType fonts and more than photos. To learn more about the new release of WordPerfect Office 12 or to download the trial version, please visit www. With its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, Corel has offices around the globe. For more information, please visit www.

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