Buy sony movie studio platinum 12 suite

Buy sony movie studio platinum 12 suite

Movie Studio Platinum 12 has about a dozen new feature additions over version 11, and each one is highly impactful. At the same time, like in version 11 and the versions prior, Movie Studio Platinum remains an "open" application, meaning you can drag and drop various types of file formats onto the same timeline and then edit them without having to convert them all to one same format. Such "openness" is one of the reasons why Sony Vegas, and its off-shoot, Movie Studio, caught recognition in the previous several years. Another reason is that both work great on minimal system requirements, like on only a 2 GHz processor. A third reason is that both have quality audio tools right within them, and you thus won't have to switch to other applications to work on many aspects of the sound of your videos.

Included in VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum and Suite. VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum adds even more exciting tools to the robust feature set with. Complement your film with 50 Royalty FREE Sony Production Music soundtracks. Movie Studio Platinum Edit video in nearly any format. Review of Sony Creative Software's Movie Studio Platinum 12 and of Vegas Movie Studio, you can purchase a discounted upgrade via this.

Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12: Video-editing software is still solid, but adds little oomph

Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite REVIEW

In pure breadth of ability, there just wasn't much to add to a program in this price range. How many bits for 64 bits? Sony does claim that the application is now bit-compatible, like its pricier stablemate, Vegas Pro 11 , so it can take advantage of more system RAM. I can confirm that the application did install to the bit Programs folder on my Windows 7 bit system. The only other bit video editor that costs about the same is CyberLink PowerDirector Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 allows you to add up to 20 video tracks and 20 audio tracks.

However, whenever I played back the timeline or rendered video, a second, bit process called 'FileIOSurrogate. Sony says that some third-party components, such as QuickTime, are not available in bit form, so Movie Studio Platinum needs a helper process to support those components.

But whether Movie Studio Platinum 12 is truly a bit application probably isn't a big deal. The project I set up to test the memory usage contained 20 high-definition video tracks and a few audio tracks. Movie Studio Platinum 12 now allows you to add up to 20 video tracks and 20 audio tracks, up from 10 each.

Even on that fairly demanding project, the application didn't run out of RAM, and the fact that it splits up the work between two separate processes—even if one is a bit one—indicates to me that it has headroom.

The application itself is pretty lean, especially for a video editor; the digital download was only MB. YouTube without the YouTube Sony also added the ability to upload videos directly to its new hosting and sharing site, Pixelcast.

With Pixelcast, you can share videos and photos, and then alert family and friends that you've done some good work there and that they can upload photos and videos of their own. Movie Studio Platinum 12 comes with a "Plus" Pixelcast account, which includes 5GB of storage space and an unlimited number of "experiences," and it removes the watermark applied to media that's hosted on a Pixelcast free account.

Pixelcast blends some features of YouTube and some features of Facebook into one site. Sony says Pixelcast's collaboration features give it a key advantage over other video-sharing services: Because more than one person can upload their pictures and video to a group project, the group experience is enhanced through the expression of multiple points of view.

Other than that, Movie Studio Platinum 12 has few new features. It has a new stereoscopic 3D project template designed for Internet YouTube uploads, a couple of very minor timeline updates one new button for splitting and another for trimming, which are pretty common features , a new way to trim clips in the timeline via a menu command, and a new way to adjust stereoscopic 3D clips.

Pro look, consumer appeal The fact that Movie Studio Platinum 12 has gone bit isn't especially big news other than the fact that it doesn't have much company in that area, and the ability to upload to Sony's Pixelcast service doesn't wow me. It's a good video editor—but then again, so was Movie Studio Platinum The 'Try it for free' button on the Product Information page takes you to the vendor's site, where you can download the latest version of the software. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

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