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Overview What is InDesign? Adobe InDesign CS6 software is a versatile desktop publishing application that gives you pixel-perfect control over design and typography. Create elegant and engaging pages for print, tablets, and other screens. Use Adaptive Design Tools to easily repurpose layouts to look great on a variety of pages sizes, orientations, or devices.

What's new in CS6? Liquid Layout Apply liquid page rules to automatically adapt content when you create an alternate layout with a different size or orientation in InDesign. Alternate Layout Efficiently create and design multiple versions of a layout for different devices and print needs, all within a single InDesign file. Linked content Link content within or across InDesign documents so that changes including interactivity made to the parent text or object are applied to all linked children objects.

Content Collector tools Grab text and objects from an existing layout using the Content Collector. In a new layout, use the Content Placer to add items in the order you want them to appear.

You can also assign the tab order in InDesign using the Articles panel. Middle Eastern language support Buy and update the Middle Eastern version of InDesign directly from Adobe for easier localization of global documents and enhanced functionality.

Pages panel enhancements Display alternate layouts in the Pages panel to organize content efficiently. Split window View two side-by-side layouts within the same document to compare the look and feel of the layouts and help ensure consistency. Recently used fonts Access fonts you use frequently. Recently used fonts appear at the top of the font list. Persistent text frame fitting options Set frames to grow with additional text, based on simple parameters.

Expand and shrink frames automatically for headlines, callouts, or other variable content. Grayscale preview Preview your layouts in grayscale to see how they will look on a black-and-white device or when printed in black and white. Key object alignment Align selected items to a key object you define. Hunspell dictionary enhancements Calculate values in panels and dialog boxes using complex calculations for example, Enhanced split and span support Keep lines together in paragraphs that split or span columns.

You can export the entire document, part of the document, or individual items. Enhanced zoom for linked objects Zoom in to a linked object from the Links panel to evaluate it more clearly. Extension set management Enable or disable groups of extensions based on your current workflow. Indic language support Use the World-Ready Composer, an alternate composition engine, to work with Hindi, Punjabi, and other Indian languages, as well as complex script languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Style mapping in linked text Control how content in linked text is styled. Specify different text styles for parent text and children. Adapt content Use a powerful set of new Adaptive Design Tools to efficiently repurpose your page layouts to myriad page sizes, screen sizes, orientations, and devices without sacrificing good design or typography. Create beautiful documents for print Design compelling print layouts quickly and easily.

Create engaging books for e-readers Create engaging eBooks with little need for developers. Include refined typography and images that resize to fit virtually any screen. Create interactive publications for tablets Engage, inform, and attract readers with publications that integrate interactivity, video and sound. The ability to integrate with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite provides an end-to-end workflow for creating and publishing immersive reading experiences on devices.

Create digital experiences Bring designs to life, integrating interactivity, video, and sound. Do more in less time Create, edit, and publish documents faster. New and existing productivity features make page layout simpler and speedier, whether you are working on print or digital outputs. Broadband Internet connection and registration are required for software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.

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