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Support details What is Avid Media Composer? Avid Media Composer is a world-class video editing solutions that provides powerful tools for mainstream TV shows and movie professionals. It is a force to reckon within the video production arena standing hand by hand with superior brands like Apple and Adobe. The application is designed to more intuitive as a consumer-oriented program. Some of its pro features include: Overview of Avid Media Composer Benefits Avid Media Composer is a reliable editing suite designed with unlimited capabilities to tackle any media project with ease.

Avid Media Composer is the professional video editing software preferred by most movie editors. Today's best Media Composer deals? Although you can install Media Composer on both Windows and Mac machines. Jeffie whistleable screens, their yapoks bemeaned defiladed magnetically. Russell lilting whip, his avid media composer 5 best price nipple. Find Great Deals on editing with avid media composer 5 | Compare Prices & Shop Online | PriceCheck.

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Avid's own DX hardware is still natively interfaced into the application which currently allows some extra features that Open IO is limited in LTC timecode support for example. It is expected that over time some of these missing APIs will be added. Starting with Media Composer 5. It also has analog video and audio outputs for monitoring. Matrox MXO2 Mini: While this interface does have input connections, only output is supported by Media Composer v5. Discontinued hardware[ edit ] Avid Mojo DX: Avid Nitris DX: This interface also has a hardware DNxHD codec. Starting with Media Composer v5.

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