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Service Pack 1 for Autodesk® 3ds Max® includes fixes for issues with stability and performance based on customer feedback. Service Pack 5 for Autodesk® 3ds Max® includes fixes for issues with stability and performance based on customer feedback. Solved: Hello, Does anybody know where I could find a 3dsMax installer? Thanks!.

A program error can occur when accessing the Global tracks in Track View. For the correct information, please refer to this topic in the online documentation: Gamma There have been many updates to the way the software handles Gamma as well as accessing Gamma via Maxscript. Please refer to the "What's new" section in the 3ds Max help for more details. General Slider manipulator disappears when zoomed in.

LTU shortcut is installed when software is installed in the network license mode. LTU shortcut is not usable in this scenario. Global Search In some cases the tool tips will not display when searching. Switching to the Enhanced menu system will display the tool tips, even when switching back to default menu. MaxScript Since the release of 3ds Max Product Update 4 and 3ds Max Product Update 09 are now correctly throwing a compile error when using nested structure definitions.

This will occur where an inner structure definition references a variable defined by an outer structure definition. When this occurs a compile error will identify where a struct member in an outer struct def is used in a inner struct def. Those are the places you will need to implement a fix. For additional info see: To unfreeze them you must close and reopen the UI. Accessing the MassFX rigid body via Maxscript can cause a program error.

Nitrous On closing 3ds Max the value for progressive rendering storied in the 3dsmax. Flows and Idle Areas can be keyed but don't respond correctly to their animation. Creating a Flow or Idle Area at a non-zero frame with Auto-key on will result in offset simulation.

Turn Auto-key off before creating Flows and Idle Areas. To correct for this, create another Flow off camera as a spawning outlet. To correct for this, create a dense Flow off camera to use to cycle people "back stage". To create legal intersections in this situation, use the main Align tool to align the segments. Turn Set Key off before simulating. To remedy missing textures, use Delete People, then re-simulate.

If scene units are different from system units, the value will be incorrect. The value in the Flow Modify Panel will be correct for scene units. Switch to high resolution skins before using Regenerate Selected before rendering. Select from Workspace drop down list: This will update UI and the Graphical menu will be reopened again. When using Maxscript to build menus there can be a delay displaying them.

When running in windowed mode the menu bar may be truncated. The tooltip for the mCloth density parameter says grams per square centimeter. This is incorrect. It should be grams per square meter. Registry settings to disable hardware acceleration for all WPF applications on the system:

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