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As another reviewer has said, it does indeed have a pretty GUI. Doesn't work. Ran an install. Proceeded to run a back up which hung in the que indef.

Uninstall was borked. The update dwnld borked mid-way thru. Hung when run. Continues to hang. BTW, even the uninstall requires reboot.

Overall Review: It's garbage. I had used Acronis's previous version before, never again. Over a month later. Response didn't even address my question.

Now they continue to harass me with customer satisfaction surveys on a daily. Did you? Yes Thanks for the valuable feedback you provided! Anonymous Ownership: Nice box Cons: What a disappointment With over 40 years experience as a software engineer, I can honestly say that this product is the most user un-friendly application I've used in recent memory.

Rather than have easily accessible properties for scheduled backups, there's a cumbersome series of steps to go through to do much of anything. More importantly, there isn't any product support when anything goes wrong. Currently I have history of 5 weeks for a reply to a posted support request that resulted in no help at all. And, also a current issue posted two weeks ago that hasn't received any reply other than the automated assignment of a problem number, the issue being that scheduled tasks have quite working altogether.

As far as I'm concerned there isn't any product support.

Using Acronis True Image Home you can back up and restore your data, clone drives, boot and restore a crashed machine, turn on near-continuous data protection, run your operating system in a try mode with the option to apply to discard the changes, convert partition images to Windows 7 . Acronis True Image: Dynamic Disks and Disks with GUID Partition Tables (GPT) Support. List of Applications Acronis True Image Home Supports. Transferring a System from IDE to SATA Hard Disk and Vice Versa. Firewall settings for Acronis products. Backup archive compatibility across different product versions. 's of integrations with your favorite apps. Connect Trainual to the ecosystem of apps you use every day to boost productivity Best Price Acronis True Image Home across the board and automate time-consuming processes while onboarding and training/10().

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Since then I've continued to receive a lot of interest in the system, requests for reproducing it for others, building custom variations and so on. The more I thought about the Lego computer over the last year, the more I started wondering how I could design and build a system that wasn't so difficult to reproduce, one that could be bought by anyone looking for a new computer with a unique twist, a Lego twist.

I don't really need to explain how widespread the appeal of Lego is we've all played with it, and many of us still do. Lego has the power to turn imagined forms into tangible things, conceived in the wonders of your imagination built with your own hands.


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